Experience Rome in motion

Born from a passion for speed. Created for riding in style. Made to be iconic. We present a unique cultural experience that defines the Italians today. The best place to enjoy those is certainly on the streets and roads of Italy.


The narrow streets of Rome are best explored on a Vespa, making it a truly unique way to take in the splendid sights of the city. Enjoy this chance to be fascinated and spontaneously access the hidden spots that will illuminate the charms of this remarkable city. The lust for the authentic Roman experience is why we love the magic touch of the Vespa.

THE ICON - Fiat 500

We love this exciting and authentic experience of the city from one of Italy’s most iconic cars. Weave your way through the narrow streets of Rome in this ultimate classic, passing by the famous sites and less known gems that are full of wonder. The roads will lead you to discover the beauty of the city and as you smoothly cruise along the banks of river Tiber and up the incredible hills for the panoramas across the skyline, Rome will win your heart.

THE SPEED - Ferrari

We love the character and intensity of a Ferrari ride through Roman countryside, and we are eager for you to experience its outstanding elegance and power. Enjoy the speed and comfort of this majestic car as you cruise through beautiful Italian scenery.

Contact us to create a one-of-a-kind journey just for you.

What makes us different

Spotter Travel is dedicated to designing extraordinary tailor-made experiences so you will find travelling with us highly unique. Our team is especially focused on providing special access to remarkable spaces accompanied with fascinating insights by expert guides. Our aim is to make your holiday a logistical breeze so no time is wasted, all you have to do is just relax and leave it all to us.  We understand that details mean a great deal so we are always willing to go that extra mile to make your journey special.


We believe in the importance of an exquisite accommodation and that's why we strive for you to experience unique quality and original charm. We can recommend various types of carefully selected accommodation, from downright luxurious to charming and authentic hotels, serviced apartments and villas.

Event organisation

We know how precious it is to have an impressive and well-organized event, may it be a wedding, corporate event or something else. We will work with you, and apply our expertise  and experience in planning in order to find what suits you the best. Our extensive network of connections will provide you with a choice of spectacular venues, many which are atypical and can bring a special edge to your important day.

Personal shopper

A dedicated bespoke luxury experience that gives you a unique opportunity to acquire some of the finest products within the comfort of your hotel room or an after closing private visit to the boutique. Our team of sophisticated personal shoppers provide an exceptional service that is filled with great attention to details and a truly personalized approach.


We feel that your trip should be both smooth sailing and an experience of a lifetime, which is why you will find our excellent transportation services to be highly pleasant and completely hassle-free. They range from a black limo  service, luxury car hire to a helicopter and a private jet.

The finest villas

With our exclusive access to exceptional villas both in the Italian countryside and the seaside, you can rest assured that luxury and authenticity will be met at the highest standard. Those seeking a unique Italian experience will find it in the beauty of the Italian villas and the comfort of total privacy. Guided by what is important to you and your taste, we will advise you on what makes the best fit for you.

Professional photographer

Experiencing all the unique moments with full attention during your travels is a real luxury, which is why we want you to relax and focus on what’s in front of you and give in to the superior service and creative work of our professional photographer. These captured memories are those you will treasure forever.