Rome Travel Packages

Relax and Shopping in Rome

This itinerary can be tailored to your interests, specific preferences and any other requirements. Our idea is for this journey to really be yours.


Italian style is known to be the epitome of beauty and quality. We have created an itinerary through which you will experience the luxury world of “Made in Italy”. You will have a chance to admire the beauty of Rome and Italian design. If you wish you will be able to emphasize your elegance and add the Italian touch to your shopping, relaxing and making memories.


With a moderate pace, during this journey you will focus on taking it slowly while enjoying the exciting shopping scene of Rome. Strolling down the city in search of fashion delights you will inevitably see the most beautiful areas of the city. Together with your personal shopper, while exploring the diverse range of shopping experiences which the city has to offer, browsing through the small artisan boutiques and better known Italian brands, you will get the best of Rome.

To make this travel experience even more memorable and durable a personal photographer is there to follow your journey captured in a glamorous photoshoot.    


  • VIP Welcome
  • Private transport from and to the airport
  • Accommodation by your choice
  • Vespa sightseeing tour of Rome
  • Shopping tour with your personal shopper
  • Wine tasting dinner
  • Spa treatment
  • Personal photographer

Day 1

Arrival and private transfer to your hotel in Rome

Finally, you have arrived in Rome and you will be greeted by one of our Spotter Travel representatives who will take you to your chosen accommodation. Over a welcoming coffee or a glass of prosecco, you will be given a detailed itinerary which has been created upon your requests, together with all the tickets and passes which you will be needing for your trip. Here you can be filled in on all the necessary information and have any of your questions answered.

In the evening, enjoy Rome from the back seat of an authentic Vespa. Your motorino driver will be your guide and will show you some of the sites that are not that easily reachable on foot. Enjoy your experience and feel like a Roman, at least for a day! It will be the perfect way to combine the first impact with Rome and one of the most recognized symbols of Italy – la Vespa.

After the tour, you may continue with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant chosen from a list of recommendations which we will provide for you.

Day 2

Relax and enjoy your sweet life (La Dolce Vita)

At last, you woke up in Rome and on vacation. Before you start conquering the fashion empire, allow yourself a relaxing detox moment for reconnection with your body and soul. After all, Romans invented the Spa's, so do care for your health and beauty through the virtues of water and get rid of the signs of fatigue that you brought from home.

After a light vegetarian carbonara lunch, you will meet with your personal shopper in order to make a perfect plan for your personalized shopping experience - to take place the following day. In that occasion, your personal shopper will get to know you better, while you will have the chance to give more inputs on what you wish to buy. Whether you need to buy gifts, pick up the perfect antiquity or a piece of Italian design furniture for your home, or you prefer to dedicate your shopping to perk up your wardrobe and get the perfect tailor-made shoes, your personal shopper will choose the best shops base on your style, tastes and budget. Even if you decide to radically change your style and look, your personal shopper that is also an image consultant will give you valuable styling tips regarding cuts and colors that will be useful any time you go shopping again.

After this intense session – take a break! Make a point to do absolutely nothing. Find a café, any café, perhaps one overlooking a pretty fountain or a bustling piazza. Sit. Stay. It may not be yoga or transcendental meditation, but simply taking a deep breath, embracing the moment, and allowing the moment to wash over you… and you will discover that immensely beneficial feeling of doing nothing- Dolce fare niente.

Just as the evening starts to fall, indulge in a tasty and informative wine tasting dinner with an expert sommelier, and learn about regions and varietals that make Italian wines so sought after.   

Day 3

The ultimate shopping tour

Shopping in Rome can range immensely, from vintage to bespoke and from contemporary to luxury. Discover independent boutiques, tailor-made boutiques, artisanal shops and the best of Rome’s boutiques, according to the custom plan built the day before, following your needs and taste. Shopping in the company of your personal shopper will be a fun experience, in which you will receive a reserved treatment in many boutiques with special discounts. Moreover, if you desire a unique moment, it is possible to reserve some of the shops after the closing hours just for you…special attention and champagne guaranteed!

Day 4

Celebrate your beauty in Rome

Have you ever dreamed to have some professional photos that you will show to your grandchildren and say “Look how beautiful was your grandmother!”? If moreover, those photographs were taken on the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, wouldn’t that be an amazing memory? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect day for you!

After you wake up, your makeup specialist will join you in your hotel and will get you ready for the day. All you have to do is choose one of the outfits that you purchased the day before and you are ready to go.

Your photo walk will start from your centrally located hotel where your Roman professional photographer will pick you up. He will make you discover the beauty of Rome, its street life, mysteries and landmarks. You will, however, remain in the focus of his attention and his lens.

The result will definitely be amazing and you will cherish these moments for long.

Day 5

Farewell Rome (for now)

The last day of your visit to Rome will surely encompass leisure time and all the little things that have made you fall in love with Rome. Depending on your departure time, you might have the morning to enjoy another cup of cappuccino or go back to your favourite place in Rome. You can have a brief encounter with your Spotter Travel guide for a parting drink and an evaluation of your journey.

You will be transferred to the airport in good time for your flight in hope that you will carry many wonderful memories with you and come to see Rome once again very soon.

Want to stay longer? All of our itineraries can be extended with extra nights in Rome and amended by your special requests, as well as enhanced by beautiful day trips outside of Rome.


Depending on your style preferences and budget, we can offer you various types of accommodation.

All of the choices we offer have been personally tested and carefully selected based on the locations which grant you easy access to the places you will be visiting on your journey to Rome. Accommodation can range from beautiful, cosy and unique boutique hotels to the luxurious five-star hotels.