Rome Travel Packages

Rome for art lovers

This itinerary can be tailored to your interests, specific preferences and any other requirements. Our idea is for this journey to really be yours.


The majestic beauty of Rome’s art, be it ancient or contemporary, is an experience for which many say is a life-changer. To absorb all of it in a rightful way takes some guidance and with that in mind, we have created a perfect tour for you. This tour will allow you to discover both extraordinary art and wonderful neighbourhoods of Rome. Together with our expert guides, you will get to learn more about art from different periods of Rome’s history up until today. Lean in to new museum and gallery initiatives and you may discover contemporary art as Rome’s newest wonder.



This tour, although at a moderate pace, will keep you on your feet, wanting to see and hear more. We will take you on a journey through many art forms, covering fine arts, music, literature, photography and film. The incredible history of Rome, over 2000 years long, is filled with priceless landmarks and art that gathers admirers from all around the world. Therefore this tour will give you an all around impression and knowledge of Rome’s art world. A small and intimate music concert will definitely add to the enjoyment of your senses and help you unwind into the evening. And on top of that, everywhere you go you’ll have Rome as an open-air museum around you.


  • VIP Welcome
  • Private transport from and to the airport
  • Caravaggio's art in Rome tour
  • Opera Concert with dinner or aperitivo
  • Visit of one museum of your choice
  • Poetry, fine art, antiques and more tour
  • Photography workshop
  • Vespa movie set tour with visit to Cinecittà studios
  • Dinner with jazz music

Day 1

Arrival and private transfer to your hotel in Rome

Finally, you have arrived in Rome and you will be greeted by one of our Spotter Travel representatives who will take you to your accommodation in Rome. Over a welcoming coffee or a glass of prosecco, you will be given a detailed itinerary which has been created upon your requests, together with all the tickets and passes you will be needing for your trip. Here you can be filled in with all the necessary information and have any of your inquiries answered.

Fine dining is reserved for the evening, with a view of the Colosseum, the archeological wonder of Ancient Rome. Nothing says more “welcome to Rome” than this!

Day 2

Caravaggio tour and Opera concert: a blast for your eyes and ears

Good morning! We will begin the day with grand masterpieces of Caravaggio. A half day Caravaggio tour will bring you closer to one of the greatest painters in the history of Italian art. Here you will immerse yourself in the extraordinary life and work of this revolutionary artist with all the guidance you might need from a private art history expert. You will have the chance to admire the artistic heritage Caravaggio left to the Eternal city in the churches of Santa Maria del Popolo, San Luigi dei Francesi and Sant’Agostino, as well the works kept in the splendid Palazzo Barberini. This tour will be an amazing walk through art but also through the controversial and fascinating life of the artist.

In the afternoon, we will organize a visit to a museum of your choice together with an art historian to guide you and fulfill the experience. As there are many museums to choose from, we will help you make the perfect choice based on your taste and interest.  

The evening is reserved for an intimate opera concert at a special location (museum, church or one of Rome’s Palazzo’s), together with a guided tour of the given location which is then followed with a dinner or an aperitivo.

Day 3

Poetry, fine art, antiques...and a photography course


In the mood for something out of the ordinary for today?

Start your day with a half day tour “Poetry, fine art, antiques and more…”. Walk down Via Margutta exploring its private galleries and ateliers. Wander Via Babuino for its charming antique shops and Piazza di Spagna where you will find the lovely house of Keats. Have a tea break at Babington’s, an opulent tea house, that will give you the feeling as if you were on the lavishing Grand Tour.

In the afternoon, you will be joined by your personal photographer for the workshop dedicated only to you and your travel companions. You will learn the basics (and more) of photography on the streets of Rome. There is no better place than the Eternal City to learn how to capture a special moment.

Day 4

Cinema & Jazz tour

Today let the seventh art do its magic on you. A half day Vespa city tour for cinema lovers which will take you through the lovely locations of Rome that were used for filming some of the greatest films in the world. You will discover why so many films included the forever beautiful Rome and how the picturesque locations will also inspire you to make amazing photographs.   

The afternoon stretches into a guided visit to Cinecitta Studios, the largest film studio in Europe and also the heart of Italian cinema. This is where the history of cinema will unravel with all the intricate details and secrets of how films are made. This is a unique experience of how film magic captures emotions by images and tells stories that capture us for life.   

End your day with a fine dinner in combination with irresistible sounds of jazz music all the while traveling through charming Rome in a historical cable car.  

Day 5

Farewell Rome (for now)

The last day of your visit to Rome will surely encompass leisure time and all the little things that have made you fall in love with Rome. Depending on your departure time, you might have the morning to enjoy another cup of cappuccino or go back to your favourite place in Rome. You can have a brief encounter with your Spotter Travel guide for a parting drink and an evaluation of your journey.

You will be transferred to the airport in good time for your flight in hope that you will carry many wonderful memories with you and come to see Rome once again very soon.

Want to stay longer? All of our itineraries can be extended with extra nights in Rome and amended by your special requests, as well as enhanced by beautiful day trips outside of Rome.


Depending on your style preferences and budget, we can offer you various types of accommodation.

All of the choices we offer have been personally tested and carefully selected based on the locations which grant you easy access to the places you will be visiting on your journey to Rome. Accommodation can range from beautiful, cosy and unique boutique hotels to the luxurious five-star hotels.