Where to go after your visit to the Vatican?

March 25, 2018

You have just finished a lengthy walk and sightseeing through the Vatican area and have seen innumerable breathtaking art pieces and remarkable chapels. Slowly but inevitably you are in a need of a good break, one which will replenish the loss of energy and aid to you quickly, therefore you should probably try and avoid getting yourself in an absurdly messy yet well-known situation of standing in the midst of a passing crowd searching for a desirable joint eventually grabbing a seat at the first touristic spot available to you. 

Taken by previous experiences and these frenzy situations we have created a little guide to help you prepare yourself for a well-chosen and well-deserved break continuing to enjoy and never having to get lost in a thought “where should I go now?”

MYRKO | Piazza di Risorgimento 41/42

Interior of MYRKO caffee

Myrko is a place famous for its “aperitivo”. The beauty of having an aperitivo here is that you can relax with a view on the Vatican all the while feeling like a local. Whether it's an aperitivo, coffee or another drink of your choice, this place has the perfect atmosphere.           

INSALATA RICCA | Piazza di Risorgimento 4-5

The outside seating area of Insalata Ricca restaraunt

A quick bite might just be what you are in a need of to refuel the lost energy from waiting in queues and wrestling with crowds throughout the Vatican. Praised for its rich bowls of salad and flavourful pasta, this is a nice and quiet place for a light lunch break.

IL Matriciano | Via Dei Gracchi 55

Elegant interior of Il Matriciano restaurant

Just a 5-minute walk from the Vatican is a not so touristy place “Il Matriciano” - a great spot for fresh, al dente pasta dishes; but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu as it all carries a praise of excellence. (Many say their tiramisu is something quite unique). This is really a charming place in which traditional, exceptional food is served by good and polite staff. A real treat! 

Il Sorpasso | Via Properzio 31

Inside the busy Sorpasso restaurant

There has been a new food sensation: Trapizzino, a cross between a sandwich and pizza- a separately baked pizza bread which is then filled with stuffing to order. At Il Sorpasso you definitely cannot go wrong with anything you order off their eclectic menu, but if you are looking for the best trapizzino in town- look no further! An interesting addition to this place is their 0km policy, meaning that everything they serve is produced around the corner. Plus a great wine list and delicious desserts are there to make sure you won’t leave this place with anything less than a fantastic culinary satisfaction.

Piadineria Romagnola | Via Terenzio 19

A traditional Italian piadina filled with cheese, ham and fresh salad

This place is hard to forget once you have tasted their various versions of delicious piadines. A selection of local Italian speciality beers accompanies their rich menu, ensuring you will have a meal to remember. Great staff makes this an even more enjoyable experience, so don’t miss out on this little Roman gem. 

Once you have regained energy a good idea is to continue exploring the area through via Colla di Rienzo, a street that offers many known international brands. It's very likely that here you will stumble upon an interesting array of shops suitable for all pockets and preferences. As the street stretches all the way to the river, it is a delightful walk.  On the way, you can stop for an aperitivo break somewhere on Piazza Cola di Rienzo and for a real Sicilian gelato at “Gelarmony Arte del Gelato Siciliano”. 

If you happen to be in the area in the evening time…

Chorus Bar | Via della Conciliazione 4

Elegant ArtDeco interior of Chorus bar

With its wonderful location and the atmosphere of elegant and sleek Art Deco, this is an ideal spot to wander into after the day of sightseeing at the Vatican. A great cocktail list made up of excellent mixology, and to make it into an even better experience the choice of the appetizers is really good as well. An important element not to be missed when having cocktails is the music, and they have just the right playlist. 

TED Lobster & Burger | Via Terenzio 12

Central bar and sitting area at an exclusive burger restaurant Ted

Craving a really good burger? At this trendy restaurant which is located near the Via Cola di Rienzo, you can enjoy a soothing atmosphere of great drinks and food. Primarily famous for their burgers there has also been a lot of praise for the way they prepare their lobster roll. It's a kinda place where you can take a break from the daily food in Rome while still leaving with satisfied taste buds. Note that this is a place considered to be a little bit pricey.   

La Zanzara | Via Crescenzio 84

A view of a lively restaurant garden at Zanzara Rome

Get in time for an aperitif hour (6.30-8.30pm; no bookings required) at La Zanzara which is comprised of a selection of little gastronomic tasters, an extensive and well-formed wine list and cocktails. A true prelude to the upcoming dinner. However, after 8.30pm the dinner serving starts and the place keeps getting more live by the hour. Come here to immerse yourself in a crowd of locals and try an array of traditional Italian dishes fused with modern. 

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