A beautiful rose garden in Rome is about to bloom

April 19, 2018

Rome is a city with many beautiful and picturesque open spaces and one of them is definitely the extraordinary Rose Garden (Roseto Comunale). 

Come spring and over 1000 species of roses are about to bloom, spattering the garden with colour and their incredible scents.

A remarkable sight to have an eye on during the warm spring days when the charms of nature are blossoming and the air carries that irresistible spring appeal. 

It is probably only a coincidence that the area that accommodates the rose garden was dedicated to flowers since ancient times: in particular, the portion of the rose garden occupies the area where once was a temple dedicated to the "goddess Flora".

A sunny day at Rome's Roseto Comunale garden of roses.

In a more recent history, the garden used to be the site of Rome’s Jewish cemetery for centuries up until it was relocated in the 20th century and space was transformed into an urban garden. In order to commemorate the site’s heritage, the pathways of the garden are organized in a shape of a seven-branched candelabrum, a symbolism of Judaism. Split into two sections, the upper exhibits an array of classic roses while the lower garden displays an assortment of new species and those up for a competition that takes place every year. The nuances of their colours and form are an unforgettable collection to delight in and explore. 

The unprecedented view, much like from a fairytale, of the Palatine hill and Circo Massimo stretches from the gardens and is wrapped in silence and tranquillity. Located on the slopes of the Aventine hill, above the Circo Massimo, the gardens are a spot on location for wandering through the beautiful scenery of the hillside and savouring in its lush nooks. 

A quite and secluded area of the beautiful Rose garden in Rome

The Rome’s rose gardens open their doors to the public, with a free entry, on the April 21st (Rome’s birthday) until June 17th. The nearest metro station is Circo Massimo. Any additional information can be found through the garden’s official website.

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