Celebrating Halloween in Rome

October 26, 2018

Looking for things to do in Rome for Halloween? Although Halloween is not as celebrated in Italy as in some other parts of the world, it seems to be more popular, especially with younger generations. And why not, as it is a perfect occasion for dressing up as scary characters and having a good party. Smaller kids are enjoying it too, they are dressing up and going trick or treating around the neighbourhood. Whether you are coming to Rome with children or not there are plenty of things to do in Rome for Halloween!

Pumpkins in Rome
Market stalls with pumpkings in Rome

A necessary start is picking out a costume to wear for the Halloween night. At Studio 13 you will find various and very spooky costumes, masks and accessories.  Other places where you can find costumes for both children and grown-ups are Roma in Maschera and Palatelli. Many nightclubs and bars offer Halloween parties which welcome costume dressing up and spooky Halloween decorations. A number of pubs like Abbey Theatre, Fiddler’s Elbow and Scholars Lounge are hosting a ghoulish atmosphere for a night of fun and laughter.

Halloween skeletons at a party

There will be a special Halloween show by Rome’s Comedy Club, that will feature a selection of regular comedians and newcomers performing their comedic acts. The audience is encouraged to dress up in their spookiest costumes. If you are looking to celebrate Halloween in a feast with friends then look into going to Chorus Cafe or Zuma Restaurant.     


The world of film is rich with horror and gruesome and it always successfully manages to take the audience deep into its magic. At Cinecitta World- Rome’s film and TV-themed amusement park you can experience Halloween themed activities, shows and rides for parents and kids of all ages. You can take up an adventure through the Horror House where actors are dressed as characters from famous horror films, join an interactive show on how professionals paint their faces for film or watch a hell-themed acrobatic show.

Cinecitta World Rome
Halloween at Cineciita World in Rome

For a night of great fun head out to one of Rome’s clubs that is hosting a Halloween themed parties. Clubs like Micca, Angeli Rock, Lanificio 159 and Ex Dogana will open up a world of dance and music enhanced by the beauty of wonderful costumes. At Raspoutin, a glamorous club located in the heart of the city centre, experience an unforgettable Halloween party in an 18th century Villa’s dungeon.

Halloween at Raspoutine club in Rome
Raspoutine club in Rome

In case you want to spend the night outside and explore the city, there are plenty of Rome’s actual sites that at night can be seen as scary Halloween props. Go down to see Capuchin Crypt, a bone-chilling place that holds skeletal remains of 3,700 bodies and the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian, an underground ancient cemetery.

Capuchin Crypt in Rome
Capuchin Crypt in Rome

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