Contemporary Art Galleries in Rome

May 30, 2018

Contemporary art scene in Rome is very vivid, almost every week throughout the year, we can attend different interesting show openings. The range goes from institutional events in public museums and spaces, to those in private galleries, more intimate but with high social relevance. Recently a new trend brought multifunctional places for culture promotion in to focus as well.

Like in other large cities with important contemporary art reality, galleries in Rome are organized clusters almost like nucleus that live near to each other. Sometimes many have show openings on the same day, usually Thursdays, so you could have true “art-walks” in historical centre or in other parts of the city like Trastevere, Ghetto, or Piazza Flaminio.

Lorcan O'Neill gallery courtyard
Lorcan O'Neill gallery courtyard

Lorcan O’Neill, an art dealer from London, was among the first ones to commence creating a space for contemporary art in Rome. Today, relocated at a Renaissance palace with a beautiful courtyard, his gallery is one of Rome’s most established private galleries which attracted some of the most important international names, such as Tracey Emin, Kiki Smith, Richard Long, Betty Woodman and Martin Creed.

In Trastevere area there are few galleries founded back in the 90’s that are still active today. Galleries like Studio Stefania Miscetti collaborating with artists like Marina Abramovic, Bizhan Bassiri, Paolo Canevari, Marco Delogu and Fondazione VOLUME! supporting artists like Paolo Icaro, Giovanni Albanesi, Walid Raad and many more.

Gavin Brown gallery Rome
Gavin Brown gallery Rome

New contemporary art hub was created with the opening of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in 2016 at a very suggestive site, an ex church chapel Sant'Andrea de Scaphis. The gallery supports international artists, recent shows have been by Arthur Jafa, Karl Holmqvist, Urs Fischer, Mark Handforth.

Frutta gallery was opened by a new in the business, young James Gardner from Glasgow. Utilising the small dimensions of the gallery, Gardner has successfully communicated a playful and efficient use of space. Frutta supports international and local artists including Gabriele De Santis, Nicholas Matranga, Jacopo Miliani.

Frutta gallery Rome
Frutta gallery

After running successfully the Vienna gallery, Emanuel Layr opened the new place in via dei Salumi 3 just across the street of Frutta Gallery, hosting international artist.

Emanuel Layr gallery Rome
Emanuel Layr gallery

Another great space to visit is White Noise Gallery founded in 2014 . Dedicated to converge and develop all the frequencies of contemporary art world this gallery is focused on installation.

Once a rather quiet, low-key quarter, Rome’s Ghetto district has become increasingly lively over the last few years. Valentina Bonomo opened her eponymous vaulted gallery in a charming courtyard.

Valentina Bonomo art gallery courtyard

Rome's Gagosian Gallery near the Trevi fountain is situated in a former bank. A beautiful building with a marble-pillared Corinthian facade. Recent shows included Andreas Gursky, Sally Mann and Davide Balula.



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