Experience | The Best Aperitivo in Rome

January 28, 2019

Aperitivo in Rome is too good to miss out on. A time, much like happy hour, when early in the evening you take it slow and enjoy a drink together with a bite before going out for dinner. From cosy wine bars to lavishing restaurants, this famous Italian custom will unwind you after a long day of sightseeing and set the right appetite and mood for dinner.

Terrazza Montemartini

Palazzo Montemartini in rome

A breathtaking view is always the main attraction, and at this idyllic spot that spreads over Rome’s rooftops, nothing is short of fabulous. Their cocktails are bold creations by one of Rome’s best-known bartenders which you should pair up with their delicious selection of finger food. Imagine the art of mixing cocktails against the backdrop of the city’s rooftops.

Gusto bar

Gusto bar in Rome

Here is a wonderful place that is opened through the day serving all kinds of delicious creations, but when it comes to aperitif it gathers a group of experts that prepare great classical drinks as well as their original mixes. Combine these with their incredible buffet and sit back and relax.

Casa Coppelle

Casa coppelle bar in rome

Not far from the Pantheon, an intimate atmosphere of Casa Coppelle that is both sleek and extravagant is a perfect spot for a drink and a plate of fresh oysters or delicious Italian cheese. There is a strong selection of drinks, mixed by the master bartender which are served either at the elegant bar or in the sitting area that is veiled in velvet drapes

Latteria Garbatella

Latteria Garbatella in Rome

Chic yet understated, this lounge bar is a popular place for the urban and creative crowd. An eclectic decor goes well with their inventive cocktails and complimentary olives and couscous. Pleasant and kind staff will also introduce you to their flavourful menu. Although it is a little bit outside of the city centre, in Garbatella neighbourhood, for those willing to make an effort it will be worth it.  

Emeralds bar

Emeralds bar in Rome

A relatively new hotspot for bespoke cocktails is this bar that prides on being your home away from home. An inspiring and cosy atmosphere of their diverse interior goes well with their creative drinks, and if you feel hungry don’t miss out on their gourmet kitchen bites.

The Stravinskij Bar at Hotel de Russie

Stravinjski bar in Rome at Hotel de Russie

When it comes to grandiose and classy, the Stravinskij Bar is the main star. Authentic and beautiful, surrounded by the marvellous gardens, this place is a real treat. Here, your aperitivo experience will be a choice from a collection of interesting drinks and light meals, which will be without a doubt a memorable one.  

Bar Necci dal 1924

Bar Necci in Rome

For a more laid back atmosphere, Necci is a place to go. It was a favourite spot to the famous Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, and today is an embodiment of the 70s style and culture with an excellent aperitivo buffet. As it is located in the Pigneto, one of the trendiest neighbourhoods, there are many places to explore in the search for a fun evening.   

Angelina a Trevi

Angelina restaurant in rome

Only a few steps away from the famous Trevi fountain, this jewel box of a place is a simple and tasty experience. An ancient laboratory of medicinal plants used to take up this space, which is why today there are many plants surrounding the tables and beautifying it with their aromas.

Up sunset bar

up sunset bar in rome

The astonishing view from this bar is nestled above a very luxurious Rinascente Tritone shopping mall, so in case you are looking for both shopping and aperitivo, this is a perfect place. However, if you want to treat yourself with a splendid view and an excellent drink and the unmissable gourmet food menu, look no further.

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