Experience | A Cooking Class in Rome

February 04, 2019

If you are looking to immerse yourself into the authentic paths of culture, by all means, you should look into one of the spectacular Roman cooking classes. This is an experience that will last you a lifetime, one that will take you deep into the world of centuries-old Roman recipes.  

rolling dough for pasta

Exploring the local culinary scene is an exciting journey, usually consisting of reservations at top restaurants and local eateries, wine tastings and food tours around local markets. Although these are good and somewhat traditional ways of gliding through the huge pallet of Italian flavours, a cooking class is indisputably the best way towards a deeper cultural connection and priceless memories. Maybe the only way to tour Roman cuisine is to make it yourself. Which is why a cooking class in an awe-inspiring surrounding is an experience not to be missed. For anyone hoping to learn the ins and outs of authentic Roman cooking, we have just the right thing, a tailor-made cooking class designed to bring you closer to Rome through the food you like.


The Italian dishes native to Rome are one of a kind and most of them are followed by a series of secrets and tricks that make them so delicious. They are also a source of great stories. Like the history of ice cream and how it was once a luxurious delicacy that was created as a mixture of mountain snow and fruit juice (much like today’s sorbet) as requested by the Roman Emperor Nero on hot summer days.

making pasta in rome

We love how before starting to cook you get to learn stories like these and how the regional techniques developed over time as well as the family recipes. This part won't take too long, so before you know it you will be deep in preparing food. For the next few hours, you will be learning first hand how to prepare all the necessary ingredients and the step by step methods of creating a successful Roman dish. May it be pasta, pizza, gelato, tiramisu or some other dish you wish to learn there is an all present imperative to enjoy. Soft homemade pasta or crispy dough pizza with rich toppings, just to name the two, are beyond amazing both to make and taste. Talk about a unique dining experience!

Friends having dinner in Rome

Because this is a perfect combination of Italian flavours, smells and sounds it is an exciting experience that when shared with a group of friends makes for a meaningful getaway to a fun cultural exchange.   

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