Inside Fendi Roma : Art, fashion and cinema coming together for a stellar spectacle

March 21, 2018

A dream come true collaboration between Fendi and cinema opens up a whole new world of celebrating luxury and glamour, during the Fendi Studio Exhibition held until July 8th at Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana

Italians have been well known for their inherently impeccable taste and a vast contribution to fashion, design and the arts. A nation whose attitude is built upon the philosophy of La Bella figura, which in literal translation means “the beautiful figure”, a concept that promotes presentation at its core but goes much further than simply visual beauty, encompassing virtues of good manners, tact, grace and gentility.

Rome has an incredible history in fashion and it gave rise to some of the greatest fashion designers in the world. Fendi, a fashion house born in Rome, prides itself on an artisan approach which accompanies their designs, making them one of the world leaders when it comes to refined aesthetics of fashion and style. 

Fendi’s work has been noted to be quite important for the architecture today and so it’s by no chance that their headquarters are set in a monolithic marble building, Palazzo della Civilta Italiana. This monumental building was initially commissioned by the dictator Benito Mussolini in 1943 and built as a midcentury model of ancient Colosseum therefore also known as the square Colosseum. After the building was left in despair, due to Mussolini's involvement in the second world war, it was restored by the same company which had done the recent restoration of the Trevi Fountain in order to house Fendi’s employees, keeping the original marble staircase, floors and grand chandeliers which adorn the ceiling. 

The ground floor of the building serves as a permanent gallery space together with a bookstore, both open to the public and it has been said that there will be two permanent exhibitions per year so we will definitely be seeing more interesting things in this magnificent space.

Fendi headquarters in Rome
Fendi headquarters in Rome

Throughout the history of cinema, there are many traces of excellent couture pieces that have contributed to the magic of the silver screens and Fendi is nonetheless one brand that has been quite versatile in its collaborations with the world of cinema.

For the exhibition “Fendi Studios” which celebrates this close bond with cinema, Fendi has transformed its headquarters into five interactive movie sets. They all immerse the visitor into a journey of unique multisensory digital experience, allowing them to superimpose themselves onto the silver screen appearing as characters from some of the famed movies from Italian New Wave to Hollywood blockbusters, all to which Fendi contributed with its collections of costumes, furs and accessories. 

A movie set exhibiting Fendi fur coat

Movie sets exhibited are those representing films like Easy Riders, A Room with a View, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Palazzo of Desires, Catwoman, How Much Do You Love Me? and Basic Instinct 2. Sets are plastered in green screen together with other props arranged for a genuine and one-of-a-kind experience. 

Screening of The Royal Tanenbaums at Fendi Rome Studio

An addition to this fascinating fashion-cinema affair is a fully equipt, red-velvet cushion decorated movie projection room that screens a selection of different movies each night that reflects the extraordinary alliance between Fendi and cinema. There is a vintage Italian ticket kiosk which issues free tickets, however, the guests are required to make a reservation beforehand which can be done through this website. 

Vintage red velvet screening room at Fendi Studios in Rome

This is truly an experience you don’t want to miss out on, one that is a real delicacy of great aesthetics and finer things. 

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