A guide to the Hat shops of Rome

September 13, 2019

Whether you are in Rome for a wedding or a special event and you fancy bringing some old school glamour to your outfit, or whether you will be going to the International Horse Show in Villa Borghese, or you simply want to be ready for the summer season, we offer various options for hat shopper. We have gathered a selection of places where you can get the perfect hat while enjoying wandering in Rome.

Velia, Via Firenze    

This charming little boutique near the shopping street of Via Nazionale is the place where an elegant lady would go in order to buy a hat made su misura (tailor made). Customizing a hat to bring a touch of old school glamour to a wedding ceremony or a special event is a difficult job that requires vision and experience. Velia has been in the business since 1922 and for decades has been crafting hats of various kinds, made from cotton and wool to fur and straw. Each creation was born from a combination of quality materials and exclusive design, followed by careful and precise production by hand. Other than hats, their passion is the creation and restoration of bridal veils.

If you decide that this is exactly the place you were looking for, make sure to schedule an appointment and expect to dedicate enough time to sit in frot of the mirror and try various hat types. Remember as well the actual making of the chosen model can take up to 10 days, therefore plan way ahead.

Velia official site

Antica Cappelleria Troncarelli, Via della Cuccagna 15 

Hat shops in Rome

Situated just a few steps from the famous Piazza Navona, the renowned Cappelleria Troncanelli is a London like boutique where is it possible to purchase hats for man and woman, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, ties and even elegant braces. The selection includes various hat types: from top hats to berets in the simple cashmere, from the Sicilian “coppola” to the English cap. No wonder the customers of the “cappelleria” range from famous politicians and stars of show business to tourists in research of the perfect souvenir from Rome.

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Antica Manifattura Cappelli, Via degli Scipioni

Antica Manifattura Cappelli
Antica Manifattura Cappelli

The historical hat atelier Antica Manifattura Cappelli, situated in the Prati neighborhood, is a place where tradition and innovation coexist. The wishes of the most demanding of brides are granted here thanks to the unique creations. The boutique provides exclusive pieces for special occasions, as well as models for everyday use and every season of the year. Models such as Cloches, berets, hats in fur, ‘30s style Bonnets, Bowlers and Stetsons are only a small part of the collection designed for women who are searching for metropolitan allure, as well as for men and children who want to have fun dressing up.

Again, let us give you a little advice: if you are hoping to have a unique piece created, make an appointment and explain your intentions. In that way, you will find example of models that you can’t always see in the shop window.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli official site

Barbara Guidi, Via dei Gracchi 106

Barbara Guidi is a young headdress designer with a little shop in Prati, where craftsmanship meets art. Barbara doesn’t just do hats. Her handmade head ornaments of all types - headbands, circlets, knitwear accessories, brooches, clips, can add a touch of hipster individuality to your style. Her boutique is a beautiful place where you will have fun and maybe discover an eccentric side of your character. If you want to take a peek before heading to Prati, visit Barbara’s Instagram profile page.

Barbara Guidi official site

Borsalino Boutique, Via Sistina 58 & Piazza del Popolo 20

For 160 years Borsalino has been making hats. Today it is an internationally recognized brand, with 9 flagship boutiques and approximately 550 points of sale worldwide. If you are in the mood for a fancy headgear that will not just be the very latest fashion but will actually set a trend, stop by one of the 2 boutiques in the historical center of Rome.  There, you will have the chance to try what suits you the best. You can buy your preferred piece in the boutique or on line and have it shipped directly to your home.

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