Multifunctional contemporary art and design spaces in Rome

June 10, 2018

In the light of newly diverse interests which are emerging among the public, we are witnessing a rise of multifunctional art spaces in the heart of Rome. These superb spaces serve as instruments for creativity and innovation, allowing the ever expansive art scene to grasp the greatest amount of people possible all the while enabling a dynamic connection between different creative domains.     

Here is a selection of multifunctional contemporary art and design spaces that promote artistic freedom and independence in Rome.


MUSIA | Via dei Chiavari 7/9


Musia, the multifunctional space designed by the entrepreneur and art collector Ovidio Jacorossi opened its doors to the public in December 2017. In the early twenties his grandfather Agostino started a small family business in a coal shop in via dei Chiavari, just next to Campo de’ Fiori, and today thanks to the commitment of his nephew it became a new artistic hub, well organized contemporary art gallery, location for events and conferences, cultural square, restaurant, wine bar but also a residence for artists.

This space in via dei Chiavari, renovated by the architect Carlo Iacoponi and developed through the stratification of architectural elements from different periods, from the Roman age to the Renaissance, stands on three levels, divided into different environments. The Gallery 7, dedicated to the art shows and exhibition of pieces from the Jacorossi collection, the XVI century courtyard attributed to Baldassarre Peruzzi, the kitchen managed by the chef and art historian Ben Hirst, the internal terrace, the Wine bar, the Halls of Pompeo and finally the Gallery 9 , dedicated to the sale of design objects, photography and contemporary jewellery.


In November 2017, Giacomo Guidi, a forefront and controversial roman gallerist and art collector, moved into a new gorgeous venue, Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni, in the historical centre of Rome. The characteristic stratification of this four-story building,  built in the seventeenth century with architectural interventions of various periods that affect both the frescoes and the floors, is congenial to host the type of project that moves between production dynamics of many different areas.

A change of venue meant the evolution of the Contemporary Cluster format, making possible the promotion of the contemporary art characterized by the contamination between different disciplines: visual art, photography, video, jewellery and metals-design, fashion design, music, even vehicles design.

The space dedicated to the exhibitions, housed in the highest and frescoed floor, is divided from the commercial part, greatly expanded and coordinated by a different manager, with a very cool lounge bar opened to the guests. On the intermediate floor is a nicely furnished co-working space with a well-furnished bookshop by mostly fashion and art volumes.

DAFORMA | Via dei Cappellari 34/38

Daforma multi-use gallery space

Daforma, a new multi-use and eclectic design space opened its doors in December 2017 on the site of an ex-depository and locker room of the Campo de' Fiori market. It is an exhibition and concept space active from day to night, with a mission to promote the work of local and international artists and designers, but also creative professionals in the fields of gastronomy, fashion and floral design.

This space is designed to be variable, depending and adapting to the show, event and design that hosts. A connection that goes beyond the white walls of classic galleries but contaminates everything from floors to ceilings, cocktails and dishes, to selected designers, like a gigantic installation designed to make creativity breath and live.

To welcome the visitors there is an elegant coffee shop area, open every day from 9, while the Sala Rosa bar, opens in the early evening. In the kitchen, simple and creative plates have been prepared daily to accompany high-quality cocktails and wines. In addition, overlooking the inner courtyard typical of the old buildings of the historic centre of Rome, there are two temporary stores inside, one dedicated to fashion, with an exclusive proposal of international brands and stylists and one dedicated to design, in line with the general mission of Daforma space.

PALAZZO MERULANA | Via Merulana 121

Palazzo Merulana building in Rome

Founded in 2014, Elena and Claudio Cerasi Foundation holds a fine modern and contemporary art collection, mainly roman and Italian artists from the first half of the 20th Century. Willing to give back to Rome and its citizens the place that has been for a long time abandoned, the Foundation undertook a massive reconstruction on the former Health Department building, situated in Via Merulana.

Palazzo Merulana hosts a collection composed mainly of works of the Roman school and the Italian 20th century, moving towards the contemporary.  The permanent exhibition includes more than 90 works, on a surface of 1800 square meters, divided into four floors. The top floor is a place for cultural activities and food and wine events with a restaurant and a privileged rooftop view on Via Merulana.

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