New Years Eve Around Rome 2019

December 29, 2018

There is no time more perfect than New Year to go off in search of fabulous new directions and adventures and what better place than Rome, where in ancient times Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar declaring that the first day of the month Januarius is the beginning of the new year. It comes as no surprise that the Romans knew how to celebrate well and so their festivities included decorations, gifts and notoriously lavishing parties and feasts and that legacy continues to live on.

From spectacular dining to the finest entertainment, here is our selection of the best places to steer you into 2019 in style.


fireworks in Rome

Nothing sparks celebration quite like fireworks do. Against the beauty of Rome’s skyline, they make a visual performance that is breathtaking and captures the charm of the city’s atmosphere. Circus Maximus is where the biggest fireworks show will be put on together with several concerts and performances. However, fireworks will be popping into the sky from various places and piazzas around the city so you can watch them from the streets, rooftops and hills with a glass of bubbly prosecco.

Il Pagliaccio

il pagliaccio restaraunt new year

For an unforgettable celebration and an impressive dinner come to Il Pagliaccio where the great chef Anthony Genovese has directed a San Silvestro menu that will blow your socks off! It will be a promising night that will journey you through new flavours, new colours, new pleasures and many more new things to discover as you enter into a new year.      


An authentic Italian New Year is followed by some rituals and those are exactly the ones that Pierluigi has prepared for its guest on New Year's Eve, so your celebration is as special as possible. After the magnificent dinner feast, come midnight and the traditional treats appear. Lentils for which it is believed they bring prosperity and pork sausage -cotechino followed by a glass of Franciacorta, all wrapped up in live music throughout the night and fireworks.  


marzapane restaurant in rome

With simplicity and tradition, Marzapane welcomes you to its New Years Eve celebration. They will prepare excellent dishes that will be both traditional and modern with an impressive wine selection to make the evening merrier. Prepare to be surprised and wooed into a fiercely good and memorable New Year with a special after midnight party!

Swan Lake at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

swan lake ballet in rome

Start your evening with the sounds and sights of this beautiful four-act ballet show. Performed at the grand Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, this ballet is choreographed by Benjamin Pech and will be the opening show for the new ballet season. This invigorating and elegant experience will make a smooth sailing into 2019.

Rome Gospel Festival

roem gospel festival

The South Carolina Gospel Choir will be in charge of this year's amazement and amusement at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. This prestigious gospel choir from South Carolina is best known for its distinct way of mixing modern and traditional rhythms that brings, as a result, a perfectly balanced musical performance.

Tosca concert 

tosca concert in rome

As the city’s key venue, Auditorium Parco della Musica, offers space for extraordinary events and so it brings Tosca ten years later to the stage where she will make a tribute to Gabriella Ferri by interpreting songs from various great artists as well as unforgettable songs by Ferri. This is a show dedicated to the popular music of Rome, Romanity and to the Romans.

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