A Romantic Getaway in Rome

August 13, 2018

Love seems to be sprouting from every corner around Rome.

While touring the city arm in arm with your loved one, it is inevitable not to feel the city brimming with romance. Passing through the cobbled streets snuggled between beautiful buildings, while gentle sun streaks shine on bustling piazzas, it is easy to see how unforgettable moments are created on the vast historical playground of Rome. The city’s picturesque sights which are found on each and every corner give out a genuine impression of a romantic film set, and together with delicious Italian food and magnificent sunsets, there is no place as wonderful for celebrating an anniversary than Rome. The backdrop of the Eternal City will definitely capture your heart. 

Stroll down the Monti neighbourhood through a marvellous bohemian quarter where you can taste the most delicious cup of espresso. Mornings in Rome are perfect for a helicopter ride overlooking the city as it wakes up and begins to thrive in its glory. The splendid view during the ride will set your enthusiasm on a right track. Perfect for experiencing Rome from the ground is a Vespa tour that will quench your thirst for romance and beauty of Roman architecture. 

Due to the city’s mesmerizing history, romantic piazzas and stretches of cobbled streets in between which world-class restaurants are nestled, offering flavours never to be forgotten, Rome is undoubtedly the right place to perfectly align with your celebration of love.

An afternoon approaches quickly and just as you think you have been fully blown away, a meal in one of Rome’s outstanding restaurants will cater to all your senses.

Lunch at a very chic Madre, with a fantastic terrace-garden, will take you on a colourful and flavourful culinary explosion. A relaxed ambient of this restaurant is where you will discover what a fusion of South American and Spanish cuisine with Italian traditional dishes tastes like. Gourmet food surrounded by lush greenery, now that’s something to indulge in. By all means, don’t miss out on their drink menu, they have the best cocktails in town.


You should know that a lunch in Rome can very well be in the middle of an actual garden space among some of the most beautiful parks in Rome. An afternoon visit to one of the mesmerizing garden parks with a picnic basket filled with gourmet delicacies. Villa Borghese might just be the perfect place, especially because of a splendid boating lake where you can enjoy a paddle ride through the park’s water pool.

Villa Borghese Rome
Villa Borghese Rome

Whether you have lunch in a park garden or garden terrace, the aftermath of a meal in Rome is of crucial importance and numerous scenic places which are ideal for walking, go hand in hand with lavishing Italian dishes. An even better treat is walking and shopping. Settled among pastel coloured townhouses is a shop of infamous Italian design and quality, Bottega Veneta, which creatively coupled their quality and design into a selection of personalized gifts. Choose from their assortment of leather goods, be it from the men’s or women’s collection, and add a touch of personalisation making it a truly unique gift.

Two glasses of wine in sunset

To have dinner in Rome and celebrate a special occasion means a once in a lifetime experience of elegance and excellence. The dining room at Enoteca La Torre emits romance, from its high ceilings, tall and lavishing glass windows to a highly admired menu. Here you want to eat slowly, savouring the atmosphere, allowing for such an experience to linger for as long as possible. At the end of the evening, by the time you are deeply relishing in the brilliance of your meal, you will be wondering how soon you can come back.

Enoteca La Torre

La Pergola, the city’s notorious restaurant, a sweepingly spectacular ambience that just by itself justifies a visit, but once the food appears it is like discovering an edible contemporary art masterpiece. During the evening there are bursts of exceptional gourmet surprises to encounter while leaning into a glass of perfectly paired wine served by impeccable and warm staff. This one of a kind experience will need to be reserved a month or so in advance, all the more making dinner at La Pergola an exclusive and exuberant experience definitely worth securing. And the view, wait till you see the view…it’s like falling in love.

La Pergola
La Pergola