What to see in Rome | Terme di Caracalla in 3D virtual tour

March 31, 2018

One of the fascinating archaeological sites only 10 minutes away from Circo Massimo, the infamous Baths of Caracalla, has been revived with a touch of modern technology. Creating a journey through time which in an immersive way allows new understanding of the past ruins. A superb three-dimensional model has been conjured up using the possible proximity to the original and careful reconstruction of elements such as shapes and colours in order to create a realistic and natural setting. This experience is divided into 10 stages which the visitors encompass through virtual reality enabling them to see this grandiose site as it was 1800 years ago, allowing a better understanding of its structure and numerous functions. 

Ancient ruins of Baths of Caracalla
The park surrounding the archeological site of Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Caracalla were built for Emperor Caracalla between 211 and 216 AD, a composition of public baths that would hold up to 10.000 people at any given time. 

Considered as one of the Rome’s real seven wonders, these baths were more than mere sanitary chambers, they held an important function in a community gathering and therefore served a significant socio-cultural role especially as the entrance to the baths was free and they collected people belonging to various demographic groups.

These huge relics of ancient Rome were not only serving as bathhouses but rather they were a collection of swimming pools, gyms, toilets, dressing rooms, fountains, various galleries together with libraries, theatre and a few shops, all designed for people to be able to meet, study and play games. However, the particular ritual of bathing was divided into three stages, starting from a warm bath then moving onto a hot bath and ending it with a cold one. 

Inside the Baths of Caracalla

Today the baths are a representation of the way ancient art still prevails in the present era, as the mosaics found on the original site as well as those that have been moved to the Vatican Museum are truly magnificent artefacts together with statues that have been preserved and sheltered throughout various museums. Another fact stands out as a verification of vast importance of the Baths and that is that these sites have been a major inspiration to some of the world’s majestic buildings. 

The virtual tour

The virtual tour in which all of these refinements of Ancient Roman art and culture can be seen is followed by detailed audio recordings which hold all the information gathered through meticulous historical and scientific work which also lays at the essence of the 3D reconstruction, all in the service of enhancing the experience and knowledge of the audience.

A 3D virtual view of the ruins of Baths of Caracalla
A 3D virtual view of the ruins of Baths of Caracalla


The tour lasts for about 80 minutes and is available in five languages. More information on the tour can be found here.

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