Spring time in beautiful Villa Borghese

March 05, 2018

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust

Rome is an ancient beauty that globally represents an epitome of wonders that engage senses altogether. In many ways spending early spring days in Rome is an ideal. If you are taking time off to unwind and notice the spring's blooms; then you should definitely add Villa Borghese garden to your itinerary. This green heart-shaped garden with lavishing trees located in the middle of a frantic city setting is a chance to slip into some serious springtime magic. It expands from pines into immense sycamore trees, stretching from the crest of Spanish steps down to the lakes and fountains. This is a relaxing destination that only a few tourists inhabit, it is a place that feels slightly off the beaten path. To head out to Villa Borghese gardens for a day includes a nature's touch which adds to an overall well-being creating a sense of balance and tranquillity. An ultimate feel-good spot for a true Roman holiday.

When people gather here it is usually for a relaxing picnic that starts by placing a blanket on the grass to mark the beginning of a godly feast about to take place. Among the favourite foods that beautify days like these are well known Italian traditional delicacies like 24 months aged prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele, fresh creamy burrata, famous pecorino Romano, cherry tomatoes and very pulpy olive di Cerignola; all these are essentials but couldn't fully stand on their own without freshly baked focaccia. 

The feast continues with unavoidable and incredible Italian desserts such as cannoli which have so many variations one simply must try all. Because it is the time of the year when all things good are in bloom there must be a selection of fresh fruits especially red lush cherries and soft plum apricots that have just gone into the season. Away from the picnic blanket, scattered around the garden paths, there are a number of places to get gelato and coffee from, another two famous delicacies renowned for their superb and rich flavours. 

One of these paths leads to a fairytale-like lake rich with wading ducks and small drifting boats filled with smiling faces of friends and families enjoying an afternoon sunlight. A lake like this and a few secret garden nooks are places that make you feel the warmth and serenity of an oasis such as Villa Borghese garden. 

This is a promise of an authentic Roman picnic experience; an allure hard to resist.

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