Truffle experience near Rome | Interview with Matteo Lavorini

October 21, 2018

With great love for nature and animals since he was young, Matteo Lavorini professional truffle hunter turned his passion into a business. His desire is to open the experience of truffle hunting to the curious and adventurous people participating in his hunting excursions.

 How did you become a truffle hunter?

Truffle hunting is a tradition in my family. My grandfather was a hunter, loved the woods and nature, collected mushrooms. My father continued loving the woods but specialize in truffle hunting.  As for myself, I started with my Dad when I was a little boy and have decided to the truffle hunting as a profession very early - as soon as I got my driver’s license. I passed the necessary exam and got my national truffle hunting license as well. It became my work but it is also my passion.

Is there a special season for truffle hunting?

There are 6 different sorts of truffles, 4 black and 2 white.  Every variety has its period of the year and its particular environment. If you follow the seasonality for various sorts, it is possible to go truffle hunting during the entire year, but sometimes it can be difficult to find them. That is why it is extremely important to know well the area and to be helped by trained dogs.

Truffle hunting near Rome

Why are the truffles so precious?

Because they are wild. It is not possible to grow them. Their lifecycle is conditioned by the rhythms of the nature and it is extremely difficult to find and dig them out, since they are hidden underground. Dogs have the key role in locating the right spot, they follow the truffle scent in order to dig out the precious mushroom. If they are young and they are still learning how to truffle hunt, it is possible that they just end up eating the precious prey.

What is your favorite truffle dish?

There are different ways to taste truffles, but in my opinion, the best are the classical, simple dishes, like pasta with butter and truffles, risotto with truffles or simply scrambled eggs with truffles.

It is said that truffles have aphrodisiac qualities – do you agree?

I don’t think that truffles alone have such power. However, if you combine good wine, white truffle and the right atmosphere, that can be the perfect way to wake up and inspire your senses.

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