A truly essential guide to experiencing spring in Rome

April 05, 2018

Spring in Rome comes all of a sudden. Even if the winter is never really a cold one, and very autumn-like, beautiful sunny days may take longer to appear.

So, when in Rome in the springtime, say good morning to the beautiful sun coming in from your hotel window, but remember to dress in layers. Start with applying your sun protection cream and putting on your favourite outfit but make sure to have a packable raincoat or an umbrella in your bag, and a jacket or a sweater for the late evening hours, which in Rome are famous for their humidity. Thanks to its colours, Rome is surely the city with the most beautiful spring sunlight casting its unique reflection upon the orange, yellow and red facades of the buildings. This spectacle becomes even more sensational during the sunset. Sometimes you simply have to stop and enjoy it, even if you live in Rome and even if you’ve already seen that colour composition hundreds of times before. So, make sure that your sunset awe arrives at one of the most panoramic points in Rome like Pincio Terrace, Orange Garden, Gianicolo Hill or Balcony of Villa Medici. 

Panoramic view from Pincio Terrace

Parks and Villas are green, blooming and welcoming. You can always find your place in one of the green oasis, either if you just want to have an hour or two of relaxing, listening to the bees flying from one flower to another, walking and discovering around or having an all-day long full immersion in the nature with a picnic basket and a good read. The whole city is awakening. Balconies and windows are suddenly full of daisies and anemones. 

In April the air is full of sweet, head-turning perfume coming from cherry blossom trees and especially in some neighbourhoods, like Monteverde and Aventino, from orange flowers and jasmine fences. The fresh laundry fragrance is crossing small downtown alleys. The windows are open and music arrives from all directions, mixed with the noise of dishes and cutlery from the tables, it accompanies you while you are wandering around.  

Lush and green garden in between the houses in Rome

Springtime is the perfect season for your typical Roman outdoor lunch in a garden of a little bistro or a restaurant in the city centre. In April you can still order one of the typical Roman pasta dishes with pork cheek, “il guanciale”, which is during the summer quite a “heavy” choice and therefore should be avoided.

Come spring and people are generally gentler and more relaxed. The street vendors are louder and funnier, simple passersby smiles embellish the air. On Saturdays, people drop everything and go out for a walk, meandering around the city centre. You should know that native Romans are usually not very comfortable with being in the heart of the city centre, usually trying to avoid it when possible, leaving it completely to the tourists. If they work in the centre you will see them in central bars or bistros during lunchtime, with their dark blue suits and ties, discussing seriously in groups of few, while trying to finish their lunch as soon as possible, taking their coffee while standing, never seated.

People enjoying themselves on a piazza in Rome

Sometimes the locals will go to see a new exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante Gallery, sometimes they’ll be searching for a new pair of shoes or just enjoying their favourite ice cream or a cup of coffee in their favourite bar. Occasionally they will be seated in the bar garden, which is not so typically Italian. On Sundays, Romans usually leave the town, going to the seaside for lunch with friends or to the countryside, which during spring has a rich program of food and wine festivals.

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