Wine Tasting in Rome

September 14, 2018

Italy is one of those countries that has it all. Excellent and extremely famous cuisine, impeccable fashion and design, breathtaking cities and flawless nature and of course world famous wines. Some say Italy should have a planet of its own.

Wine tasting in Rome can take many forms and it is suitable for everyone’s taste, be it in the city or a little bit away from it, in the Eden of its countryside. Experiencing the flavours of Italian wine in the city is an elegant and prestigious event, to say the least. Depending on your preferences, it can be arranged with an array of delicious Italian delicacies or without them, leaving all your taste buds reserved for the wonders of the finest wines.

To begin with, at first, you will be acquainted with a brief history and origins of Italian wines, followed by interesting stories told by professional sommeliers. These wines come from various regions of Italy and throughout the evening you will usually have a chance to taste about 6 of a different kind, leaving you with a pretty good general overview and knowledge. For an even more fascinating tasting, try pairing wine with a dinner of local specialities which will make this experience complete. Once you start the journey of wine discovery you will follow the flavours and origins of about 8 to 10 wines of standard quality from various Italian regions as well as some biodynamic wines. Expect a jolly group of people, fine wine and delicious food waiting to make this an unforgettable experience.

Wine tasting experience in Rome

On the other hand, if you choose to make this an experience for just a party of two, you will endure a more flexible selection of wines together with a flavorful dinner(with plenty of cheese and prosciutto) in a very intimate atmosphere. A truly memorable way to indulge your wine enthusiasm is to go on a journey of experiencing the wine legends. These legendary wines may not be just from the Italian region, there are some unmissable bottles from neighbouring France also. This exceptional experience can vary in how legendary you are willing to go.

Two glasses with white wine - wine tasting in Rome

Dedication to outstanding experiences goes a long way, and to take it up a notch, have a personalized private wine tasting event arranged. Navigate your way through what you favour the most to be part of your wine tasting experience. Whether it be a part of a bubbly group of people, an intimate surrounding or simply a private arrangement wine tasting in Rome is a very enjoyable occasion to celebrate the fruition of excellent wine making.   


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