Your perfect destination wedding in Rome

March 04, 2019

A destination wedding is a glamorous affair. It is an intimate, romantic and most of all an unforgettable experience. We cannot think of anything more magical than a celebration of love among the historic beauty of Rome, embellished by its wonderful food and stunning architecture.

You want the wedding ceremony to be perfect. After all, it is a conjunction of all your dreams and desires, your vision of romance turning into reality. Only a few other cities can compete with Rome’s cultural richness and beauty, which is why it is among the favourite destinations for grandiose and unique events. Rome gives you the kind of freedom that lets you choose whatever kind of ceremony you may want to have, and also a possibility to pick from many beautiful places around the city for your wedding venue.

If you are looking to have a religious ceremony then you will be smitten by the incredible churches around the Eternal city in which you can take your vows. On the other hand, a civil ceremony can be performed together with the reception in one of the town halls or municipal function rooms that are located in the majestic historical buildings, and this experience can be fully tailor-made according to your wishes. And there is always the option of a symbolic ceremony that can take place anywhere you deem it should. Just think about some of the magnificent villas or even a castle as the main setting for your special day. City, countryside or even seaside, intimate or with more guests and with every other small detail in place of your dream, Rome will tell your love story. Together with all the customizable choices, your special day is about to look as fantastic as ever.

Talk about a modern-day fairytale. And because Italy’s climate is mild, at any time of the year you are bound to have a perfect backdrop to your wedding, one that is picturesque and awe-inspiring.

wedding couple in rome

Following your dream wedding are your loved ones, gathering from all over the world for the ceremony. Which is why the days before and after the wedding are also quite important, as you want your friends and family to leave in astonishment. With all the arrangements of transportation and accommodation being met with sophistication, the great question is how to fill the day before and after the wedding with unforgettable activities that will reveal the true taste of Rome and create amazing experiences. The day that your guests arrive is filled with a special kind of enthusiasm, one that is made up of their immense curiosity and fascination. A world of beautiful fountains, incredible cathedrals, architectural masterpieces rests like an open-air museum, ready to be discovered.


Collosseum by night, group of friend for wedding in Rome

The first element to wow your guests could be a very private night visit to the majestic Colosseum. This exclusive access holds the key to the otherwise inaccessible areas and is guided by an expert private guide that fills this experience with memorable stories.

The fresh breeze that runs through the openings of the Colosseum brings a seductive smell of Roman nights, which makes a walk around the area even more pleasant.

With a short walk and some exciting chatter between the guests, the next step is an intimate and a unique thrill. Well, the look on their faces will be priceless, as they climb into a parked cable car that is alluringly adorned with candlelight and soft jazz sounds. A journey through Rome has begun, and everyone is beyond themselves, sipping on some excellent wine together with delicious appetizers. As the mood gets better and the music louder the dinner is served, and the night is complete with all surrounding pleasures. The tram slowly glides through the city, revealing it’s mesmerizing sights under the dim street lights and bright skyline, almost like a movie scene.

The day after the wedding should be spent in a relaxed way allowing for the impressions and emotions from the ceremony to settle down. We love to think that the best way to start a day like that is at the Spa centre. After all, that is the only way to recover from all the dancing throughout the night. Rome has such a long and rich history of bathing practices which are a prelude to the modern day Spa centres, so all the more reasons to experience these temples of calmness. Some of the wellness centres in the city are so magnificent that they offer exquisite pampering all day long but also cater to the taste buds with incredible gourmet creations. Everyone will leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming beauty of Rome. Of course along the way they will be reminiscing on their fantastic experience at your wedding.


Next to blow their minds off is the inevitable Vespa ride through the charming streets of Rome. Here is an experience that sticks forever, often revealing the hidden beauty of the city and adding a local flavour to an overall impression. With an intention to bring the city closer and have an intimate encounter with it, these joyful rides are fully personalised for each guest with devoted attention to their distinctive interests. We are certain that they will all be coming back with such different stories and experiences it will make an excellent conversation for the upcoming dinner. Keeping up with exciting things so far, the dinner to come is a truly authentic Italian experience. Because flavourful events are the best when in Rome, wine tasting dinner is a winning combination. This will be a journey of discovering great wines and amazing local flavours, one that will reveal new things and surprises that no one saw coming. The wine unmistakably compliments the food, and together they are a perfect pair for an evening of fun and chatter.   


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