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How do we operate

A word or two on how we work and what you can expect from us

STEP 1 Your profile:  

We need to know you better so we can build your Rome experience that fits your wishes, preferences and needs. The best way to help us with that is to fill out our questionnaire

In order to tailor the journey to your needs and budget, we need to know what are your expectations from this trip, what do you like and what you value the most when travelling. If you prefer to talk to us in order to discuss these topics in details, we can arrange a call.

A word or two on how we work and what you can expect from us

STEP 2 Designing Your Itinerary: 

We will design at first a general proposal of your itinerary, in order to give you an idea of how your Rome experience could be and send it to you for a review. If we are on the right track and you wish to proceed with your travel planning, we will ask you for 100 euro payment, as a confirmation of your engagement (the amount paid will be deducted from the final cost of your package).   

We will edit and adjust your itinerary up to 3 times. Any major revisions after that will be subject to an additional fee.

STEP 3 Approval and Deposit: 

Once you approve the flow of the itinerary, it will be possible to price it accurately. We will do our best to stay within your budget. Upon approval of the final version of the itinerary and its relative price, you will be asked to send an advance payment of 50%. This advance payment will set us in motion to secure all your reservations. It can be paid either via wire transfer, credit card or paypal payment. 

STEP 4 Final Payment: 

The final payment is due 14 days prior to departure. Kindly keep in mind that we need to confirm the reservations of all your activities and required services with an advance payment. 

When all every request is confirmed and the final payment is made, you will receive your complete itinerary with all the details such as hotel reservation, list of activities, name of the restaurants, timetable for the tours etc. 

Cancellation Policy: If the trip is cancelled one month before the arrival date, the entire deposit is refunded (except 100 eur of engagement fee and eventual fees for the editing of the itinerary). If the cancellation is 14 days prior to the arrival date (and less than 14 days), the advance payment will be withheld.     

STEP 5 Concierge Service: 

During your stay in Rome, our 24 hour concierge service will be available. At your arrival, you will meet your dedicated SpotterTravel liaison for a welcome coffee or prosecco. In that occasion, we will hand-deliver your detailed itinerary in hard copy, as well as tour vouchers. In addition, we will make sure to answer all your questions and provide everything you need for your stay. 

STEP 6 Satisfaction: 

After you return home from your trip, we will kindly ask you to provide a testimonial and, if you wish, add some photos. We would love to hear and share your special journey!